The Eyeglasses Club is a club formed by Akira Souma in his first year, but because it had only three members (Akira, Takuma Hachimine , and Yukiya Minabe ) then, it was not officially recognized as a club.

It is only in Akira's second year that the club is officially approved, but because Hayato Kimata is a provisional member, the club has only four members when a club must have five. In Episode 7, Takuma states that they have been able to cover the problem when the club was created, but Hima Council member Toru Suzuki discovers the truth. The Hima Council then threatens to dissolve the club if they do not receive another applicant within the day. When they are not able to find another applicant, Akira storms to the Hima Council room and threatens to throw the President 's stomach medicine out the window to get him to agree to make a special Hima Council rule that ensures the continuance of the Eyeglasses Club. In pain, the President agrees, thus guaranteeing the Eyeglasses Club's place as an official club.

According to the President, the Eyeglasses Club is the reason the townspeople see Himaraya Third Technical High School in negative light. This was the only reason he agreed to abolish the club.

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